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research in the open source domain

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The open vision system project is centred around vision system research and development, engineering a set of tools for the exploration of existing approaches as well as the analysis and development of new approaches through experimentation and a utilisation of a large scale algorithms library.

The objective of the project is not just a development platform for vision system applications but actual working approaches to vision system problems that can be easily applied with the ability to compare and contrast approaches for particular requirements. The entire source for this project is written from the ground up to provide a highly portable algorithms library with multi-core, multi-platform and multiple hardware architecture support. The VSI, a graphical user interface that targets major operating system platforms including Linux 2.6.X, Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle Solaris 11 is a front end interface for the library.

Current source size for project is 55,711 lines of source.

Latest News

24/06/2013  :  Snap shot updated.

29/01/2013  :  Snap shots are now updated automatically regularly and svn server available (see download page).

18/01/2013  :  Website updated.

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